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Tote Bag (S) / White TSW-0043

Tote Bag (S) / White  TSW-0043
Tote Bag (S) / White  TSW-0043

トートバッグ (S) / ホワイト




サイズ:H31 × W35 × D15cm 持手 H20cm
材質:綿 100%、タイベック、牛革、裏地レーヨン 100%

Tote Bag (S) / White

The features of the SANS-SERIF bag are the Tyvek Destination Sign (which turns on the front of the bus to indicate the destination) that was actually used in London buses, UK, and the high-quality Canvas made in Japan, which is carefully hand-sewn one by one by the techniques of Kyoto bag craftsmen.

This is a standard S size tote bag that has been made from the beginning as an iconic product of SANS-SERIF. This bag has a perfect size for daily use and is easy to put in a bicycle basket. With a sturdy canvas, leather lining inside, and a raised bottom of leather, it is molded so that it can stand on its own even placed on the floor. This is an easy-to-use tote bag that is surprisingly light for its heavy look.

・Raised bottom processing to prevent the shape from collapsing to maintain a three dimensional feel
・In order to increase the strength, cotton oxford cloth is sewn on the canvas lining.
・The inside of the Tyvek is reinforced by hand with non-woven fabric to enhance durability.
・Uses carefully selected cowhide tanned by Himeji tanner on the handle / bottom / inside.
・The bottom is equipped with a thick bottom plate Sanparu to prevent it from being torn by pointed objects.
・Reinforcement is applied to the place where the load is applied for a long time.
・Open pocket / zipper pocket

Size : Width 35 x Depth 20 x Height 32 cm Carrying Height 15 cm
Weight : Approx. 500g
Material : Cotton 100%, Tyvek, Cowhide, Lining Rayon 100%
Country of Origin : Japan

《Notes on Purchasing》
Since the industrial materials of that time are reused, the surface is cleaned, but stains and dirt may remain. These are left as they are as part of the design texture. As it is a delicate product, I do not recommend washing as it may cause the shape to be lost. However, if the canvas fabric becomes dirty, please pat it off with a soft cloth with diluted mild detergent. Please note that color may stick when using the product in friction or rain, or when wearing white clothing. Please note that the color of the canvas (black) may fade slightly. The white base of Tyvek has fibers raised by friction.

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