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Key Case Frame Purse / GKD-0017

Key Case Frame Purse / GKD-0017
Key Case Frame Purse / GKD-0017

キーケース ガマ口 (デニム)

SANS-SERIFキーケースの特徴は、イギリス・ロンドンバスで実際に使用された、タイベック製のデスティネーションサイン(バスの前面で回転して変わる、行き先案内表示の生地)と、高品質な滋賀県産 高島帆布を素材にし、京都のガマ口職人熟練の技によって、1つずつ手作業で丁寧に縫い上げる、世界に一つしか無い一点物のアイテムです。



サイズ:H8 × W12.5 × D2cm
材質:綿 100%、タイベック、裏地レーヨン 100%


Key Case Frame Purse / Denim

The features of the SANS-SERIF key case are the Tyvek Destination Sign (the fabric of the destination indication which changes by rotating on the front of the bus) that was actually used in London buses, UK, and the high-quality Takashima canvas made in Shiga, which is carefully sewed one by one by hand with the skill of the Kyoto Gamaguchi craftsman. This is a unique item that is only found in the world.

It is a comfortable snap opening type that you can easily manage multiple keys by attaching a key to the attached ring in the case and just opening and closing it. Uses a diagonally open top slot. In Japan, there are few press machines to fix the dough and the base, and also the advanced processing technology is required, so we don't see often.

・The inside of the Tyvek is reinforced by hand with non-woven fabric to enhance durability.
・It depends on the thickness of the key, but the key itself can store up to about 6 to 8 pieces.
・It is also recommended to store the car key together with the card or pass used for refueling.

Size : Width 12.5 x Depth 2 x Height 8 cm
Weight : Approx. 50g
Material : Cotton 100%, Tyvek, Lining Rayon 100%
Country of Origin : Japan

《Notes on Purchasing》
・Since the industrial materials of that time are reused, the surface is cleaned, but stains and dirt may remain. These are left as they are as part of the design texture.
・The white base of the Tyvek fabric is raised by friction.
・Please do not store for a long time in a place with high humidity. It may cause rust.
・The cap and the bag are fixed with a special paper string. Because this product is made of paper, it is vulnerable to water. Please do not wash it whole.


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